Principal investigator: Dr. Anton J.M. Roks, Assistant Professor

Vascular aging is a pathophysiological process that is increasingly threatening healthy aging in humans. In our research we focus on various aspects of vascular aging to battle this healthcare problem:

  • exploration of the role of genome damage, a main causative mechanism of aging
  • identification of markers
  • identification of affected signaling mechanisms
  • development of interventions

  • To efficiently address these issues we have dedicated preclinical models of accelerated vascular aging and techniques to explore cardiovascular function. Collaboration with consortia that investigate cardiovascular disease in large human cohorts allows us to verify the role of newly identified mechanism involved in vascular aging in humans. This approach enables us to add a strongly translational value to our preclinical models. Our studies are performed in collaboration with the strongest groups worldwide in the field of preclinical and clinical research on aging.

    Companies we collaborate with:

  • Lanthiopharma
  • Tarix Pharmaceuticals
  • Unilever

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